Please read the instructions before applying your decal or graphic.

Remember if you are not comfortable applying your new decal or graphic, you can pay a local sign shop or body shop to apply your decal or graphics for you. Any of these places should be comfortable applying this type of material, as it is the same type of material they use for factory graphics and pin stripping.

Items you will need: Paper towels, glass cleaner, squeegee, scissors, masking tape and needle or exacto knife to trim door openings. Make sure the location you are applying the decal to is a smooth surface and not a rough or textured surface - glass or the body of a car is perfect.

Step 1 - Clean the surface where you are going to apply the decal.

Step 2 – Place the decal on the surface using masking tape in the corners to hold the decal in place. Step back to take a look to see if you are happy with the positioning.

Step 3 – Place a strip of masking tape down the center of the decals. You may want to put a second strip of masking tape over the first strip for strength.

Step 4 – Pull back one side of the decal and use your scissors to remove the paper backing. It may take two people for you to do this.

Step 5 - For larger decals a wet application can be used. For this process lightly spray the car where the decal will be applied as well as the back of the decal with water. A wet application is not a necessary step.

Step 6 – Apply the decal to the surface.

Step 7 - Squeegee the decal to the surface in a direction that removes the water and air bubbles from behind the decal. You will want to squeegee several times to remove the water.

Step 8 – Remove the masking tape in the center and apply the other half of the decal the same way.

Step 9 – Slowly peel the tape away from the decal at a sharp downward angle, if the decal is not sticking to the vehicle but is still trying to stick to the tape, re-squeegee once more.

Step 7 – If there are any air bubbles use the needle or exacto knife to pop the bubbles then use your finger to massage the air out of the bubble. Also use you exacto knife to cut the seams 1/8” back at door opening.